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We love to see patients recover early.

We design, develop and commercialize innovative solutions for improving lives of the disabled patients.

Patented Physiotherapy


For Clinical Results

The Basic principle of recovery is earlier the better!
To take a quantum leap, we studied the science of healing and developed an innovative solution,

For early relief and rehab

For Professional Growth

“A tree’s beauty lies in its branches and the strength lies in its roots.”

Just like nurturing of a tree is done by its roots, we endeavor
to unlock the highest potential of therapists and accelerate rehab.


Quantum Resonance Therapy is a wonder tool for physiotherapists. A very good concept in the field of healing. I hope it works wonderfully in Neurological and Pediatric cases.

The concept of QRT is very interesting and mind-boggling. I would like to use it in my practice at the earliest. I am sure it will provide fantastic results targeting the cellular
structures of the body.

Quantum Resonance Therapy is a very good and new concept. Celtron is a really good and promising device. I think it will give the best results. Proud to be a part of the Quantesla family.

Happy to know that QRT focusses on root level recovery at the cell. It can prove to be the powerhouse of therapy. Hoping to see the results of QRT at the earliest.

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About Us

Quantesla is an innovative med-tech startup with a mission to achieve early patient recovery.

For the objective, we deeply studied the science of healing and developed an innovative solution, ‘Quantum Resonance Therapy’.

Dr. Mandar Dharmadhikari (PT) is the founder of Quantesla. Being in this profession for 20 years, we appreciate the work of therapists and understand the challenges. This venture was started in 2016 with research and development of a new therapy, ‘Quantum Resonance Therapy’, for early relief and rehab.

Quantesla encourages therapists to utilize high technology with a Smart device to get faster clinical results.

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