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Getting smart with Quantesla!

July 17, 2020

“India has a dream of Digital India. From latest science to latest technology, everything should be available at the tip of one’s finger” – Hon. PM Narendra Modi

Using a smart system is no longer just about asking Alexa to tell you the weather or play the ‘Believer’ song – it is time to use smart devices that can help rejuvenate our health. Quantesla Medical Technologies was founded to revolutionize the management techniques of Physiotherapy. The objective was to design and invent a cost effective device using pulsed electromagnetic fields and magneto-mechanical oscillations to give therapeutic effects.

With the invention of Celtron, Quantesla surely made it to its objectives. Aiming for professional growth with promising clinical results, the feature of iData is a cherry on the cake.

Celtron is India’s first Physiotherapy Smart Device.

Research and evidence based treatment approaches have gained impetus in recent times. The iData feature being one of its kinds, has numerous uses for data collection and compilation that can be used for research purposes. This helps the professional to grow clinically and be updated with recent advances.

Advanced Clinics with SMART Modalities

The scientific principles behind the advanced therapy might seem initially difficult to comprehend. However the device is easy to use and convenient in clinical settings and home visits as well. It also has an elegant design which is portable and simple.

Considering the huge investments required for a physiotherapist to set up a clinic, Quantesla focused on finding a solution on this. Celtron is introduced as a Pay-per-use model, a feature never used before in India. The therapist has no load of buying the equipment by paying a huge cost. Quantesla delivers a subscription model to the nextgen physios based on their usage.

No loans, No EMIs, No debts… Only Smart Earning!!


To all the physiotherapists in India, Quantesla welcomes you to grow professionally!


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