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Clinical Results of Celtron

» Quantum Resonance Therapy

Rheumatoid Arthritis Shoulder

Case of 68Y/M patient with Rheumatoid Arthritis and both Shoulder Stiffness & Pain

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Knee pain with FFD relieved with QRT

Case of 64Y/F patient with Osteoarthritis Knee and Fixed Flexion Deformity

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Before-and-after photos of a patient with wrist drop. On the left, her hand shows difficulty in extension. On the right, her hand appears improved post treatment

Case of 36Y/F patient with Wrist Drop and Inability to do extension of right wrist

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Intractable facial pain

Case of 34Y/M patient with Severe grade Facial Pain

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QRT in restless leg syndrome

Case of 40Y/F patient with Restless Leg Syndrome and DM

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Case of 55Y/M patient with Shoulder Stiffness & Excruciating Pain on movements

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Guillian Barre Syndrome

Case of 48Y/F patient with Guillian Barre Syndrome and inability to move all four limbs.

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Facial palsy

Case of 28Y/F patient with Bells’ Palsy

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