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The Miracle of QRT in Restless Leg Syndrome!

June 17, 2021

40 year old Revati (name changed) was a chronic patient of Diabetes Mellitus since 10 years. She was on continuous medications for the same. A Bank employee in Pune, she also had a lot of physical and mental stress.

A month ago, Revati started experiencing a weird sensation in both her legs. A sensation that did not explain much about any specific condition. She felt an itching sensation in her legs which she was not able to scratch. At times, she also had pins and needles sensations in her feet. The discomfort was more during the night which almost left her sleepless for many days. A continuous urge to move her legs and walk is persistent from the time she has developed symptoms.

Revati was getting sleep deprived every single day.

Worried of her condition, Revati approached her family Doctor with these complaints. The Doctor advised her to undergo blood tests. She had a deficiency of Iron and Vitamin B12.

Supplementations were started immediately. She also modified her diet to overcome these deficiencies. Revati was determined to improve her lifestyle too. She thereby, consulted a Physiotherapist for her everyday fitness and well being.

On her detailed examination of her family Doctor and her Physiotherapist, Revati was diagnosed with Restless Legs Syndrome. A condition very common, due to our sedentary lifestyle and stress.

Her Physiotherapist treated her with a patented technology – Quantum Resonance Therapy. Celtron is the name of the therapy device. It consists of two components – Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) and Magneto Mechanical Oscillator (MMO).

PEMF was applied to her lumbar and sacral region – commonly called as the lower back. This activates the parasympathetic nervous system, thus reducing the fatigue and improving the circulation. The MMO was applied to her areas of symptoms, which included the calf, thigh, ankle and foot. The MMO produces healthy vibratory frequencies which are delivered deeper up to the cellular level. This replenishes the cells with oxygen rich blood and allows sufficient relaxation. The continuous vibrations produced by MMO overrides the sensory symptoms and gives pain relief.

Revati was treated for a period of 1 month with QRT sessions thrice a week. She was also taught very specific stretching and strengthening exercises which she has been continuing since then.

Her sleep pattern gradually improved. Her fatigue levels dropped and most importantly, she got a sound sleep every night without the arousal of symptoms. Revati was extremely happy with the experience!

Being an Optimistic person, she believed in the saying, “Never let your fear decide your fate.”

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  1. Yes I am physiotherapist .intereated to enroll how much it cost duration CME HOURS.PLEASE LET ME KNOW DETAILED.


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