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Knee pain with deformity to walking free: Journey of Anita

November 2, 2023

Just like every other day, Anita (Name Changed) started with a stiff and painful knee in the morning with immense difficulty in moving her knee joint. Popping numerous pills like paracetamol and ibuprofen was not helping her at all. Anita and her husband were getting bothered about her knee as she was unable to do any household chores by herself. She had also started having difficulty in climbing stairs and walking outdoors. Using the toilet was nothing less than a nightmare! 

After having shown her consultant, she was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in her knee. Well, she agreed with the doctor with his diagnosis as she had all the symptoms like pain, swelling, difficulty in moving her knee, continuous cracking in the knee as he was explaining. He mentioned to her that the arthritis can be age-related where the worn out cartilage in her knee is causing the thigh bone (femur) to grind with the leg bone (tibia) along with the knee cap (patella). Anita also agreed that her mother also suffered from arthritis when she was in her early 60s.  

However, the one thing that worried her doctor and Anita was the fixed bend in her knee, which in medical terms is called as – ‘Fixed Flexion Deformity’. Surprisingly, her knee had reached a stage where the bones were aligned at particular angles and were fixed there. This was not only the cause of the pain but an effect of the condition in itself! The doctor prescribed pain killers and cartilage regeneration tablets and recommended to see a physiotherapist in Pune with an advanced physiotherapy device, Celtron. 

Initially, it was hard to believe for Anita and her husband that there is a potential possibility to help her knee straighten and improve her walking. Since it was non-invasive, they thought, why not give it a shot? 

The physiotherapist treated Anita with the latest technology called – Quantum Resonance Therapy. He explained to them it is combination of electromagnetic and mechanical waves in combination of oscillatory movements that would be delivered to her knee. Anita trusted the physiotherapist in his work and continued with the treatment. 

To her surprise in just few sessions, she started noticing the changes in her knee joint. They were as simple as ability to straighten the knee completely, improvement in knee movements and reduction in her pain.

She was also then trained with exercises by her physiotherapist which helped her go back to do her household chores, gardening and most importantly using the toilet in her house! Ufff…what a massive relief! Her husband was happier than her as he did not have to bother to water the plants or clean the house anymore. Both were extremely grateful but also aware of how they can maintain the improvement they had achieved! 

Patient with osteoarthritis and fixed flexion deformity before and after receiving advanced physiotherapy treatment


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