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Financial Concerns for a Physiotherapy Clinic Setup

July 4, 2020

As a physiotherapist, you operate a practice that saves your patients from pain and suffering and which increases their quality of life- but you are also operating a business. The equipments used and the premises you work from are key to the success of your business. Effective business finance solutions are necessary to set up, run and grow your practice. Right funding can help you provide the best treatment and attract more clients.

One of the common options to generate funds is loans. As a physiotherapist we face many challenges with right funding. We need funding at every stage of a physiotherapy career to-

  1. Set up a new physiotherapy practice.
  2. Acquire premises
  3. Acquire equipment and assets
  4. Buy an existing practice
  5. Provide working capital and finance growth.
  6. Deal with tax.

For Physiotherapists, to acquire secure loans from banks is a challenging and tiring process. As scope of practice is limited compared to other medical practitioners, the ITR and balance sheet undergoes a lot of scrutiny. Most traditional bank loans require a good credit history. Banks will also ask for collaterals such as real estate along with your project proposal. As a result, physiotherapists have to go through this tiring process of loans. Sometimes funding through loans is not adequate and more investment can equate to increased pressure to scale your business quickly with added burden of hefty EMIs

How to get rid of the financial burden?

1. Own Savings -Tapping into personal savings may seem tempting. However, if it doesn’t work out, you lose your business and also your nest egg. Many entrepreneurs work a day job until their startup is profitable.

2. Family and Friends -We can ask our family and friends to invest in our startup. This comes with risk for their financial future and jeopardizing personal relationships. You can overcome these risks with handling these loans with professionalism. Document the terms and stick to the agreement.

3. Hire Purchase -You can buy expensive physiotherapy equipments with initial deposit and paying remainder amount over an agreed period.

4. Leasing-equipment without capital cost – Owned by a finance company, you can hire it for a period of agreement by paying on a monthly basis, there is no need for capital expenditure for you.

5. Angel investors -This may not be a good option for small startup plan. But after you are well established in your practice, it is a good option for new tech startups or new firm startups in physiotherapy and manufacturing. They invest large amounts of money in exchange for equity in startups. The disadvantage is losing part of your company in exchange of money.

6. Venture Capital and Crowdfunding are similar to angel investors for large investments.

Want to bypass your financial concerns?

  • No liability
  • No hefty EMIs
  • No struggle to buy expensive machines
  • No investment
  • Good for beginners as well as senior physiotherapists!


How is it possible in this world of debts and loans?

Quantesla is there to help you!

Quantum Resonance Therapy is the only modality which leads physiotherapists towards financial stability. There is no liability and extra financial burden. The modality which pays from day one.


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