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Alleviate your pain with Quantum Resonance Therapy – Part 2

April 29, 2020

Along with the pain blocking mechanism, Quantum Resonance Therapy (PEMF) also causes other physiological changes that are important to reduce pain.

Lets understand the physiological mechanisms to reduce pain

1. Increase in blood circulation:

QRT significantly increases endothelial cell proliferation and tubulization, which are important processes for vessel formation called neo-angiogenesis. QRT primarily targets the endothelial cells which release a protein in a paracrine fashion to induce changes in neighboring cells. The fibroblast and endothelial cells undergo developmental changes in ionic concentrations in the cells’ cytoplasm and nuclei.

The low frequency-low intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (QRT) causes voltage gated channels to open, increasing the flow of ions, nutrients and fluids across the cells membrane. This facilitates oxygen rich blood and removal of unwanted metabolites, thus reducing inflammation and pain.



2. Increase cell membrane permeability:

Healthy cells in tissue have a voltage difference between the inner and outer space referred to as the membrane resting potential that ranges from -70 to -110mV. This causes a steady flow of ions through its voltage dependent ion channels. In a damaged cell, the potential is disturbed causing depolarisation and an increased sodium inflow occurs. As a result, interstitial fluid enters the inner cellular space, resulting in swelling and oedema.

EMF fields influence membrane permeability as it affects the TMP and the flow of ions in and out of the cells.

As the electro-magnetic field pulses temporarily hyperpolarize and depolarize the membrane, the ion channels open and close allowing a more efficient ion exchange. Thus, increasing cellular oxygenation and nutrition.

Also, changing magnetic fields influence ATP (Adenosine Tri-phosphate) production; increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients via the vascular and lymphatic systems; improve the removal of waste via the lymphatic system; and help to re-balance the distribution of ions across the cell membrane.

This increases the rate of healing and reducing swelling and indirectly reducing pain.

cell membrane permeability

3. Reduction in inflammation:

Several factors contribute to inflammation including injury, tissue damage, a poor localized circulation with oedema. Inflammation thus leads to pain.

QRT reduces the inflammation by delivering pulsed electromagnetic fields that :

  1. Stimulates neo-angiogenesis.
  2. Facilitates oxygen rich blood flow with essential nutrients, healing and growth factors.
  3. Removal of unwanted metabolites by increasing cell membrane permeability.

swelling post injury

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