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Quantesla Celebrates the 166th Birth Anniversary of Inventor Nikola Tesla

On the 166th birth anniversary on Nikola Tesla, we at Quantesla Medical Technologies, honor his life and his work by remembering him on this day. He was an inventor and engineer, discoverer and creator. His life’s inventions are used far and wide today by the modern world, and his discoveries pioneered several productive and innovative progressions in science.

A fine touch of electromagnetic healing!

A valuable insight on how pulsed electromagnetic therapy is an effective adjuvant wound healing therapy. PEMF therapy increases cellular genesis (cellular growth and repair). It is an excellent means for improving healing, preventing stress, assisting regeneration and recovery after exertion.

A Story of Bio-electromagnetic Healing!

Healing is a dynamic physiological process which involves a series of changes from macro to microscopic level. Every tissue and every cell in the body participates to facilitate this process so as to bring the person to normalcy as early as possible.

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